June 26, 2008

Boston and Sadie

Boston's cousin Sadie is exactly one month younger than he is. Last weekend they met for the first time. They look so cute together. Krista and Eric are moving back here from California next week and we're excited for them to live close so Boston and Sadie can be buddies. Hopefully Boston won't bully her around too much ;)

I love this picture. It looks like Boston is all embarrassed and hiding from the camera but really he was sucking on Sadie's head and we were laughing and it made him smile.

June 19, 2008

Finally it's warm enough!!!

Normally we wouldn't expect to have to wait until the middle of JUNE for it to be warm enough to take the boat out, but this year the weather has been so weird and DUMB. I'm sure all of you that live here can agree that it is ridiculous to still be getting snow at the end of May. Anyway, I'm so happy that it has finally warmed up! We took the boat out on Tuesday night and it was soooo nice! I didn't dare get in the water, it's still too cold or even put on a swim suit (still shy of the post baby body, yikes) but my little brothers tubed and wakeboarded and Brett did some skiing. Brett's sister Karlee came with us too. I posted some pics of my little stud in his lifejacket that is WAY too big but cute none the less and the best part is he doesn't seem to mind it much. He layed in my lap and slept the whole time.

June 16, 2008

Most amazing blowout EVER!

Sorry for the kind of gross post but this is something I just had to share. The other day I was nursing and while holding Boston felt this amazing force move up his back. At first I thought "that had to be just gas, please be just gas". Then I turned him over and this is what I found. I thought for sure it just all leaked out of the diaper somehow, maybe just came out at a weird angle and there wouldn't be much actually in his diaper but that was full too! I was amazed that that much stuff could come out of someone so little! I wasn't really sure what to do! I didn't want to pull his shirt up over his head and get poop all over his head but there was no other way. Then he took a really good long bath.

And after...haha, anyone would be this happy after a poop like that!

Just hanging out with my dad...

I walked in the room the other day, Brett was asleep and Boston was like this. It made me laugh, he was just happy to chill while his dad slept.

June 9, 2008


Last weekend we went to Vegas. It was a great little break and so nice to be able to see my husband for 3 whole days in a row! He's been so busy lately that we don't see him much. Boston did great in the car ride down. He pretty much slept the entire way. We went to Phantom of the Opera on Saturday night at the Venetian and it was so good! I loved it! It's a little different that the original play, just slightly but still really good. Brett's cousin Holly watched Boston for us while we went and as far as I know he did good. It was the first time I've really left him for more than an hour with anyone other than either of our parents and I'm so glad we were able to leave him with Holly because I didn't worry at all. Thanks Holly! :) Of course I was bad at taking pictures but I did get a few from when we took Boston down to the pool and afterwards when he and his dad were taking a nap. I can't say that he loved he pool, it was a little cold and shocking but he did pretty good. Anyway, it was a good trip, I love going out of town but I'm always excited to come home too.