November 9, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Boston loved Halloween!!! He had so much fun going door to door and getting "teats!" I didn't really think he would get it but he sure did! He knocked on every door and said "knock-knock!" and then "tick-er-teat" when the door would open and just grabbed as much as he wanted from whatever was offered. He got mad when I would stop and talk to people because we weren't moving fast enough. Such a funny boy.

My little Monkey :)

Me and my brother's girlfriend Lindsey and her little boy Maxton

Maxton and Boston "Knock-knock!"
Walked in on this one day... cute :)

October 22, 2009

"Monthly Update" past due

OBVIOUSLY my blog has evolved into more of a monthly journal of some sort. Seems like the time goes by so fast lately I just can't seem to get a hold of it. October has already almost come and gone. Anyhow, here is what we've been up to... at least I still manage to take pictures once in a while :) Also, some of this post is meant for Katie so she can see all of the safe and some not so "safe" things we did with her kids while she was gone :)

BYU game at the end of September. We got Boston all outfitted. He loved it for about the first 20 minutes. Not quite ready for those yet but we still had fun.
We went through a small (thank goodness) phase where Elmo had to eat, sleep, and go everywhere with Boston. Now Elmo "sleeps" a lot. I had to start turning him off so I wouldn't throw him across the room after hearing his voice all day :)
Playing in the rain at Jo Jo's house. Didn't quite understand the umbrella thing...just wanted to drag it behind him so he was soaking wet.

Thug Gray
Pumpkin Patch with cousins

Boston's cousins came and stayed with us for a weekend. We had so much fun. It was go, go, go constantly. Even though they were complete angels, I was tired and have so much respect for people with more than one child.
Nash, Boston, Gray and Halle watching a movie on the big screen!
4 kids in a Costco shopping cart sitting on a box of diapers, not so safe, but fun
We also went to "Jump on it" ( couldn't get the video to load :( ) NOT SAFE, haha. I still can not figure out why this place is still there. I mean, the kids LOOOOVE it, and I think it's a great idea, but oh my gosh, seriously? 50 trampolines all tied together, and you just let the kids go? It's amazing someone hasn't died in there! I will keep going though even though it smells like sweat and dirty socks, it's asking for an injury or germy disease, and you don't have to sign a waiver at the door. It's cheap, fun and it wears them out like crazy. :)

Our ward did a Halloween party for the little kids that don't go to school. here's my little monkey :)
Sadie and Krista came too! We didn't get ANY cooperation for a picture :)

See you after Thanksgiving! haha. Or maybe if it's a good month I'll do a post shortly after Halloween.

September 19, 2009

Blog not abandoned after all!

I have to admit the cooler weather is kind of nice but I am so sad to see summer coming to an end. I am not ready for the cold! We've had a good summer, done some fun things and have seen some fun and exciting changes in our little Boston boy. He is such a goofy little kid but I of course love him to pieces!

Fun at the park
Boston loves to bring me my camera, climb up on my lap and take a "cheese"
Lagoon day! Boston and Nash on the boats

We just got back last week from a trip to Boston and New York. Such a fun and needed vacation. The plan was to take Boston with us but we decided kind of last minute to leave him which was a good decision but hard for me. I survived :) I only cried like 12 times the first day and then I was fine but still missed him lots. Thanks to my sister in law Katie and everyone else that lives in that house for helping to take care of my little buddy.
We've been to Boston before but had never really "seen" it and all it's known for. We decided to take a tour of the city this time and I'm glad we did. It was fun except for the cold and rain.

Of course we went to a game!! Very disappointing though, we saw 3 at bats and then sat while it poured rain for 3 hours until they called the game :(. Poor Brett was so sad. I guess we'll just have to go again!

Times Square
My brother Kyler met up with us in New york and we went and saw Lion King. Very cool, very well done play. I reccomend it.

Wouldn't be Times Square without the Naked Cowboy! haha.
Some Random Elmo guy in Times Square. It's amazing what people come up with to make a living in that city. Buy and Elmo Costume, hold a Christmas stocking and make people pay you to get their picture taken with you. What?


August 9, 2009

Lake Powell

Last weekend we went down to Lake Powell with some of Brett's family. My brothers were staying with us and Brett's aunt and uncle have some kids their age so we decided to do a road trip with them. They have an RV and we have a boat so we decided to head down to Powell. We had a lot of fun. It was really windy so we did a lot of tubing and jumping and had a blast. Lake Powell really is my idea of what heaven is like. :)

July 29, 2009

For fun

Animal Sounds- It's very rare that I can get him to do all of the animals in a row so I was thrilled that I caught this. I'm so mad though that I forgot to have him do the fishy. It's my favorite, I don't know how I forgot that!

This was the other night at dinner. So funny.

July 28, 2009

Warning- Extremely long post with lots of pictures!

So, "catching up" after a month has gone by is becoming something of a habit. Here's what we've been up to...

Check out that stance. Boston loves his bat and ball, well actually anything that resembles a bat, a golf club, stick, a pen,a fork, anything he can swing. Brett isn't proud of this at all.

4th of July. We went to something called the "culd-a-sac of fire". Brett's parents neighbors put on this production of sorts that is kind of a spoof on the stadium of fire. It was pretty good. They had dancers, singers, the "Bonus brothers" (these kids dressed up as the jonas brothers- funny), and fireworks.

Liberty Land=waste of some investor's money. haha. If you live in Utah County you've probably seen Liberty Land from the freeway. We went there on a Saturday night... no joke we were the only people there. Kinda sad because there is potential there. They actually have some cute little rides for kids, and it's bigger than it looks from the freeway, its just slightly ghetto. But whatever, we still had fun. Check it out sometime. It's good cheap entertainment for the kids.

Love how this picture makes it look like I tried to squeeze onto this ride all by myself. I didn't even come close to fitting but Boston wasn't big enough to go by himself, so I had to hang my leg out the side, haha.
Our friend Chanel had the cutest baby boy last week and we took her kids for a couple of days. We took them up to Park City with us. They had fun, went to see their baby brother, played a lot of Wii, went swimming, watched movies and laughed at Shane a lot. Love these boys. They do have a lot of energy and I was tired after chasing around 3 boys but it was worth it. They were good and I got lots of hugs and laughs.

I can't believe that Boston almost fits the entire length of his playpen already. How the heck did he get so big?! I swear it wasn't that long ago that he looked like he would get lost in there!
Daxon and Shane..."watch this cool trick!"
Kisses! This dog was a saint. Boston was pretty much making out with him, putting his hand in his mouth, his fingers up his nose.. maybe he was patient because he was also being fed bites of doughnut?
I love this, because I realize that I'll be watching tee ball, little league and maybe high school ball before I know it.
Its been a fun month. I love summer. Boston is getting so fun. He understands a lot more now and is getting a little better at communicating. He can say Daddy and Mama well now. He does lots of animal sounds (dinosaur, duck, cow, dog, elephant, horse, fishy, bear, snake, and anything with wheels says "vroom, vroom!")He says, ball of course, bat, shoes, wow, hi, ba-ba, koda, fishy, hot (a candle is a "hot" and any kind of food is always hot), what's that, who's that, uh-oh and I can't remember anything else right now. He loves the water which is fun and scary. He will jump right in with no hesitation. He loves taking a bath and asks to take one several times a day by turning the water on and trying to climb in. Loves his bat and ball, this is all he really wants to do. He wakes up and looks for his bat and can spend a long time in the family room just hitting the ball. He does have quite the swing for a one year old. He loves to watch Dora too. I don't. But he will bring me the remote and then try to climb up on my bed so he can watch. This is nice when I'm trying to get ready, he'll sit there the whole time . He loves his daddy! When Brett leaves in the morning Boston stands by the door and yells "Hey! Daddy! Daddy! (daddy sounds like da-yee, love it). He likes to watch ESPN with Brett. He knows his routine at night, get a ba-ba, go get on the couch and watch highlights with dad while drinking it. He goes over and turns on the TV and then crawls up on the couch and says "ball, ball" while pointing to the TV. This means he wants to see the highlights for that day. haha. Anyway, this super long paragraph is mostly for my personal journaling purposes. :) To sum it up we love him and can't imagine life with out him.