March 20, 2009

My baby is ONE!!!

Happy Birthday Boston!
I can NOT believe a year has gone by already. Boston is big! I am so sad that the time has gone by so fast, I guess this is why we keep having babies? You start to crave that tiny cuddly little thing again I guess. Not that I am craving quite yet... :)

We had a fun little birthday party for him tonight. Thanks to all of our family and friends that were able to come and support our little guy. He got so many fun things, he didn't want to go to bed tonight because he wanted to keep playing with all of his new toys. :) Of course I was bad at taking pictures tonight (I always am), there was a lot going on though, lots of people and kids in our little house. We did get a few of him with his little baseball cake. He didn't dig into his cake like I thought he would but he was still fun to watch.
And this is for my blog "journal" :)

Things Boston does that I love:
-tries to put sunglasses on on top of his head, missing his eyes by a long shot
-calls anything round a "ball"
-points to any animal and says "woof"
-gets in to something he knows he not supposed to, looks at me and says "oooohh" with a big grin
-imitates Koda eating by getting down on all fours and pretending to pick food up off the ground with his mouth and then makes the eating sound
-throws a fit if I brush my teeth without him brushing his at the same time
-tries to imitate me brushing my teeth while brushing his own, so funny
-stands at the back door in the morning and yells for Koda to come in just like I do "Da!"
-gives me kisses over and over and over as many times as I ask
-When I have ice in my mouth or any treats, opens his mouth like a little bird and puts it to my mouth so I can pass it, haha, kind of gross but so cute and funny
-loves to play with Koda and laughs anytime she feels like he is cool enough to give him any attention (she did NOT like him for a long time but she's warming up)
-gets so excited when Brett comes home his body goes into a squirmy fit!
-when I do sit ups, or anytime I am laying down he thinks it is so funny to "come get me" and crawls super fast over to me to "tackle me"
-throws his food on the floor and then yells "Da!" for Koda to come get it, this is actually quite frustrating but still funny
-holds my phone to his ear and says "ho?" and then talks jibberish like he is talking on the phone
-knows what it means when I say "want a treat?" and gets really excited (woops :))
-sings himself to sleep
-sits with a ball between his legs and dribbles it

Things he can say...
first word: Ball
"da" Koda
"woof" Koda, the other dogs and anything on four legs
"das, das" followed by bouncing up and down- "dance, dance"
"wasat" what's that (always in a curious whisper)
"ba-ba" his bottle of course
"oooh" anything cool, or anything he is not supposed to be doing :)
"ho" hello, holding the phone to his ear

This has been such a fun and very rewarding year. I love this little guy so so much. I can't think of anything I would want more than to hang out with him every day. Kids really do soften your heart and teach you what pure love is all about. Happy Birthday Buddy!

The Latest...

Here's the latest, a few pics, nothing too exciting but tomorrow is Boston's birthday.. he's one already! I can't believe it! So, I'm sure I'll do a new post either tomorrow or Sunday with pictures from his party :)

Playing Mario Kart on the Wii with Daxon and Shane... well, pretending to play
Day at the park... loved the swings!! Boston and Sadie shared and fit perfectly. Sometimes I can prevent it, sometimes I am not fast enough

March 2, 2009

Don't leave your kid alone in the tub...

Or you might find him like this...
I know you're not supposed to EVER leave your kids alone in the bathtub, but I did just for a minute so I could thrown in a load of laundry and I came back to this. I laughed but the scenario did not last long as I immediately became disgusted that the dog was in the tub with the baby. He didn't seem to mind though. :)


And some other randoms...

Riding in the Tractor with Daddy