January 13, 2011


Family time continued.....

Cutest little boys all in one bed. They were so excited to all sleep in the same bed. I thought for sure I would have to separate them at some point due to not sleeping, but NOPE, they were all out in like 10 minutes.

Peyt- almost 5 months- tried some food. hated it.
Boston is always grabbing my phone and wanting to pose for pictures. He picked this pose. Twins?
Family pictures taken by my friend Leah leahwatkinsphotography.com

Two of the handsomest boys I know!
Boy cousins

We went to the Aquarium A LOT in January. This year I decided I DESPISE winter.
Go Sox! Cutest little Red Sox fan I've ever seen. First time at the Discovery Gateway Museum. Loved it. 5 1/2 Months. Growing so fast! I feel like you can tell what she's going to look like at 16 in this picture. Scary.

Jazz game. Blue cotton candy = a mess. There was also a picture of me like this. WAY too scary to post. I deleted it right away.


Ok, ok.. So I didn't end up doing a post every day but 3 so far this week is pretty good considering. I am trying here.

BYU game with Dad. He wasn't even afraid of Cosmo :)
Jordan keeping Peyton happy during church. This girl is seriously the happiest, smiliest baby I have ever seen!

I can't remember if this was a Jazz game or a BYU game. We went to a lot of games this year. :)
We went to Idaho this year for Christmas. On Christmas Eve, my family gets together, eats a lot and then Santa comes and brings all the kiddies Christmas Eve jammies. We made some progress this year with Boston, he actually went and sat on Santa's lap with some coaxing. It took a A LOT to get him to go up and tell Santa that he REALLY REALLY wanted a Buzz. Peyton was asleep during Santa. Maybe next year.

This pretty lady is my kid's GREAT Grandma! Can you believe it?! She looks amazing right??!! I am praying I inherited these same "non aging" genes.
Christmas morning. So excited about the remote control Buzz!
Peytey got a baby. I loved getting girly things for her.
After Christmas we came back to Utah to spend time with Brett's family. Boston was so excited to play with his cousins that had been living in Texas. We hadn't seen them since summer and loved spending time with them while they were here! We have this same picture from last year. Fun to see how they have all changed.

My parents got these Sexy feet jammies for Brett. Nice eh?
Love all these little cuties!

Cutest buddies in their matching Buzz pj's watching Toy Story

This is about the time Peyt was rolling over, sleeping in her own bed, and through the night. We love her! The holidays were so fun with 2 kids. It was so fun to see Boston's reaction to everything, Santa, Christmas lights, singing Christmas songs, presents, fun family stuff, etc. I love my kids, they teach me things daily and are such a blessing in my life. Being a mom is so tiring, but so rewarding. Wouldn't trade it for anything!


Ok, this is good. This is two days in a row. I am making progress. Here is a quick overview of Novemeber. :)

Boston being a thug with Uncle Kyler again...

I was worried when Peyton was born that Boston wouldn't like her. Boy was I WRONG. He loves her! So much. He is so sweet with her. He tells her she is cute all the time and is always kissing and hugging her and wanting to play with her. I am usually trying to pull him off of her. I love it.

Isn't she a little doll? :)

Lol. This was up in Park City. We had a long day. Another day Boston didn't think he needed a nap. This was at dinner. He was being super whiny and I had had it but was trying to keep him up so he would go to bed. And then he fell asleep while eating dinner. I really almost killed him this day but then... how can you be mad at this sweet sleepy face?
Love love love her!
BYU basketball game with Boston and Sadie
Cousins Peyton and Hannah. Getting bigger! (Peyton 3 1/2, Hannah 1 1/2 mo.)
My Daddy cutting the Thanksgiving bird. The last few years we have been eating out for Thanksgiving. My family is still pretty small so it was a fun thing to do. Plus, no cooking or cleaning so that is nice. But this year, we went home to Boise and had dinner for the first time at my Mom's house. She decided she wants to start her Grandma traditions :)
The family at the table (minus my kids that were sleeping)
Family pictures

Nah, nah, nah, nah... Nah, nah, nah, nah... Hey, hey, hey... GOOD-BYE!