February 2, 2010

Extremely LONG catch up post ahead...

I wish I could say I haven't posted for a long while because I've been super super busy, but if we're being honest, I haven't been that busy at all. The reason for my laziness? This:
We are very excited to be expecting our second little someone. I'm about 12 weeks along and the last couple months I have been completely exhausted! I don't remember being this tired and just plain worn out with Boston but I can't complain too much. At least I haven't been sick. So this little person has been my reason for sometimes staying in my pajamas, and getting nothing done at all some days including not updating my blog for 3 months.
I'll attempt to update the last few months...

This is Boston's new favorite thing to do. He brings books to my hair people and wants to sit on their laps while they're getting their hair done. I do not have a shy child.

Yes, we took our SON to Disney Princess on Ice and he liked it :) If we're being honest, I was really the one that wanted to go and I liked it too.

My kid's two favorite OBSESSIONS: Bananas and Choo Choos.
Family Christmas pictures

Look at those handsome little future missionaries
First Presidency Christmas Devotional
Boston and Kyler having a dance off in Forever 21. This was way funny. I wish I had Kyler in the video more. Boston was attempting to copy everything he was doing.

Tried to take Boston to see Santa at the mall. He didn't cry but was totally creeped out by him and refused to sit on his lap. So we got this picture instead in front of Santa's tree.
Sundberg Christmas party... Again, refused to sit on Santa's lap but definitely wanted the present.

Christmas morning at Sundberg's. Boston got a remote control car that he loved.
Riding the Choo Choo at the mall. We've taken him to ride this a few times and I swear he thinks it is the best thing that's ever happened to him in his lifetime! Loves loves loves it!

I love this baby. Baby Ryne. Brett got him to sleep with his magic touch. My favorite thing though is he sucks on only one finger. So cute.
Cousins watching a movie. No idea what Halle is wearing. :) Silly girl
The kids love to get on top of the fridge at JoJo's house. They were being really funny that night.
Boston and Sadie at Cabelas

Lunch at The Blue Lemon. Boston and Nash thought they were pretty cool cause they could put their legs up on the table like Gray.
Well, That's what I've got for the last few months. Not a ton going on, but we are all healthy, happy, and excited about our little newcomer.