May 20, 2009


I am so happy about this. I think he will do great. 

May 16, 2009


My blog has been completely neglected for the past month and I really don't have a good reason. Since my last post we've been pretty busy I guess. 2 trips to Boise, one with my friend and our 2 little guys and one with Brett, the zoo, 2 birthdays, and some golf. Brett has also been super busy with work and with working on our yard trying to get it all done so we can play outside this summer. :) Lots of pictures ahead...

look at that cute bum!
My little brother Brady at his baseball game. He looks SOOO cute in his baseball stuff!

Boston making new friends at the game. NO idea who these kids are.

Riding the carousel at the zoo in Boise

Long day at the zoo. Plus we went during naptime :)
We went golfing for my birthday. (this WAS actually my choice :)) Boston loved it. One of these days we'll get him his own clubs so he doesn't have to use my pink ones.