June 23, 2010

FINALLY sitting myself down and MAKING myself do it!

OK, holy cow, this is going to be a looooooong one. What do you expect though, I only have 3 months of catching up to do! Why do I put this off for so long?! We have had a busy, full of just "stuff" few months. And since I use my blog as my "journal" I can't not catch it up. :)

These two loooove each other! This was a day at the park in early Spring, sometime in March before it snowed like the next day.

The day we got home from Hawaii, Jason and Katie had their 4th baby, "Jude"... cutest fat little thing. That night after going to the hospital to see the new little one, we went to dinner with Brett's parents and Jason and Katie's kids.

Boston and Nash in their matching Thomas pj's. I promised myself I would NEVER buy character anything. Well, Boston has Thomas pj's, Buzz light year pj's and his grandma Jo Jo just informed me she bought he and Nashy matching Toy Story flip flops. I guess there are some promises you just can't keep.
This is Easter morning. I don't think he really knew what was going on but he still thought it was pretty cool to have treats for breakfast and get some new toys.
Easter egg hunt in the FREEZING cold at Brett's parents. Some memories just have to be forced. You can't not have an Easter egg hunt just because there is snow, right??
Easter Egg hunt with Aunt Teri and Uncle Kelly at their mortuary ( I know, that sounds creepy but having get togethers at the mortuary is normal in their family?) Brett's cousin Taylor dressed up as the Easter bunny. She looked adorable and the kids loved it.
The 3 pregnants
I realized the other day that I haven't really taken many pictures of my belly this time but I do have a few. This was at 21 weeks.
23 weeks
A few months ago, we found out that Brett's dad had a cancerous growth on his thyroid. He has since had it removed and had treatment and is doing very very well. It was a little scary but we are so glad he is ok! This is Boston when we went to see him at the hospital after his thyroid removal surgery.
At the end of April, Boston and I took a road trip to Boise to stay with my brothers while my parents went to Paris. He was an angel in the car the whole way, not without movies and treats the whole time of course :) This is what he picked out at the gas station...

playing at the park in Boise
In May my friend in our ward took some pictures of Boston and I. Here are just a couple...

These are at 26 weeks

We went up to Heber with Boston's cousins and did the whole "Day out with Thomas" adventure. It was cute and they loved it. They got to ride the train, play golf, get tattoos, and play with all the Thomas toys that were out. Boston went through quite the Thomas obsession phase so he thought this was pretty cool. It's so fun to see how excited your kids get about stuff. I love it.
getting his tattoo

A couple of weeks ago, we went to the farm at Thanksgiving Point with Boston's cousins. We picked a windy, chilly day but it was still fun. The obsession these days is Toy Story. When Boston got off this horse he kept saying "bye Bull-eye!" Oh and that face he's making, the not so attractive one is his "cheese" face. Whatever.

Boston's first real picture. One night we were sitting at the table and Boston wanted me to draw Spongebob, I don't know how to draw that! So I drew a square and then just kind of ignored him for a couple of minutes. When I looked over at him again, he had added all this stuff to it! I was floored since I've never shown him how to draw a "person" before. All I drew was the square and the hat and he did the rest. I thought this was pretty impressive. Maybe my little guy will be an artist?
Zoo Day! I'm so glad we got to do a few things with Boston's cousins before they left us and moved away :(

Doesn't Sadie look like she is loving this ride? haha
Boston loves loves loves his Uncle Brady and is his shadow whenever he comes to visit.

Summer haircut. Made me kind of sad to buzz his head, but his daddy really wanted to see what he would look like and I have to admit it's growing on me. He looks so old! I can not believe how fast time goes. It really isn't fair.
Phew! I think I'm done for now. We do have some other interesting and exciting changes going on at our house other than the new baby on the way, but I'll save that for another post ;) The way things have been going with my blog the next post will most likely be new baby pictures! Can't believe that is already that close . I'm 32 weeks this week! So excited to have a new little tiny person in our home. Oh and if anyone has any name suggestions, we are still stuck on that. I really don't want to have to call my baby "baby". haha. So I'm open to suggestions!