April 25, 2008

Jazz game

So, Brett's sister had her baby on Monday which we are very excited about by the way... and since his parents headed down to Califonia to see her, we got to take their Jazz tickets! I was a little nervous about taking Boston since we would be there for so long and it would be so loud in there but he did really really well. Thanks Jess for letting us borrow the Baby Bjorn, I am definitely investing in one of those! He absolutely HATED it at first and screamed for a few minutes, but once he gave in he conked out. I put some cotton in his ears and he slept through the entire game! It was a good game till the end when they could've won but instead lost by ONE point, kind of embarrassing for them but we still had fun.
Don't worry I tested Boston's hearing this morning and I'm pretty sure he can still hear so, first Jazz game was a success! Plus we got this cute little shirt and beanie for him...here are some pics

Boston's souvenirs are a little on the big side but still cute

Haha, on the camera we thought it almost looked like he was smiling but now that the picture is bigger it looks more like he's just trying to poop

Had enough with the photo shoot, just give me food!

April 23, 2008

High School friends and roomates reunite!

I haven't seen our friend Lee Lee in almost 2 years I think is what we figured out... AND I had not seen her adorable little boy yet either, only in pictures. She and her husband live far far away from us now but she is in town this week so yesterday Jess and I and our little men drove up to Salt Lake to meet up with her and her sister Erin who I also had not seen in forever. It was fun and great to see them. We met at Temple Square and walked around for a little while. It wasn't the warmest of days and as you can tell from the picture it was a bit windy but it was sooo pretty up there. All of the flowers are out on the temple grounds and although it didn't really feel warm and springy it smelled good like new flowers. All 4 of us have little boys, mine is 1 month old, Leanne's is 4 months, Erin's is 6 months, and Jessica's is 13 months. It was fun to see them all together. We got this picture of 3 of them, Erin and her little Jonah aren't in the picture because Erin was taking it. :( We'll get them next time.

April 19, 2008

For those of you who have kindly reminded me that it's been almost 2 weeks :)

Boston is 4 weeks old now! Ahhhhh! Time goes way too fast! He is still such a good baby, I am so lucky. He is so sweet. He is becoming more aware of his surroundins lately, and responding more to noises. We even see a few random smiles here and there although I'm not sure he is aware quite yet that that's what he's doing. :) Anyway, I'll stop talking, I know all anyone really wants to see is pictures so here they are... Oh and by the way, he got his newborn pictures taken last weekend and the photographer posted some of them on her blog, so I just copied them for a sneak preview, they are on our gallery. We should have the rest of them in another week or so. Also, if you want to see our photographer's site it is brittanygphotography.blogspot.com. She was awesome, we loved her.

I love how he always sleeps with his hands right up by his face...

This is one of his newborn pics....

These are from today...isn't he cute!? :)

April 7, 2008

For my Dad...Grandpa Mark

This post is for my dad who informed me today that it has been "quite some time" since I've posted new pictures. So, here are a couple of pictures we've taken in the last couple of days. There are more of them on our Gallery site. :)
Boston is getting bigger and looking different to me every day. We took him in for his 2 week check up today and he has gained 9 oz. already from his birth weight. He was 6lbs 14oz and is 7lbs 7oz now. AND, i need to correct something for Brett, Boston was actually 20in at birth not 18 and is 21in. now. So, he is growing. Might not be too long before he chunks up, he is already getting something of a double chin, but still has the sknniest little bird legs and arms. He sort of smiled at me today too. I was talking to him and just for a second he got his little eyes to focus on me and pulled this really akward half smile face, haha, I could tell he was sort of trying to figure it out but couldn't quite get it right. He did this a couple of times and I just laughed. I just love him and really could be content staring at him all day long, which I pretty much do.

April 1, 2008


Brett's brother and sister-in-law and their kids came over last night and brought us some yummy dinner! They have a baby too and he is a big boy! It was fun to finally get our babies together to really see their size difference. Nash is about 4 1/2 months and almost 18 lbs, Boston is about a week and a half old and weighs almost 7 lbs. Nash is "fat and happy" and Boston... well.. in these pictures next to Nash kind of looks like a little ethiopian baby, haha.