October 2, 2010

Peyton's newborn pictures

My friend took these pictures of Peyton when she was two weeks old. So precious and sweet. There is nothing better than a tiny naked newborn :)
Check out Leah's website: leahwatkins.com

October 1, 2010

The circus :)

We took Boston to the Circus last weekend. The whole time I kept thinking "Who grows up and wants to be in the circus?" What a different world that would be but they sure were entertaining and Boston loved it. I think my brother Jordan might have loved it more though. I wish I had some good pictures of his face.

Peyton slept through the whole thing

Grandma and Grandpa

Uncle Ky Ky
Uncle Jordan
Uncle Brady

A campfire, smores, friends, and some crazy little boys :)

Love all these little guys!

cutest little face
caught Brett mid-bite
I love her little turned up nose :)
goofy boys

Park City

We Heart Park City. :)

This is the bench we had our picture taken on when we got engaged. Back with our kids a few years later :)
Love these pictures of Jordan and Boston playing in the rain (and rain is an understatement, it was POURING)

Randoms since the baby... Also, I suck at updating my blog

I have been horrible at updating my blog.. down right terrible. I'm going to attempt to do 4-5 posts in a row and hopefully get all caught up. Wish me luck!
We've been adjusting to having 2 at home, which actually hasn't been as scary as I thought it would be. :) It takes me much longer to get ready to go somewhere and I "go somewhere" much less but so far so good. We love having little Peyton around. She has definitely been our "bright" in what we can call a very "interesting" but good year. We feel very blessed to have her around. Boston continues to entertain us as well. He has the funniest little personality, talks my ears off every day and is always making us laugh. Right now he goes back and forth between being obsessed with Lightning McQueen and Buzz Light Year. He borrowed these wings from our friends boys and flies around the house in them.

To Infinity and Beyond!

The Aquarium with Grandma
fishy faces
Holding his little sis. So glad he likes her. Phew!.... so far. She looks super comfortable in this picture, haha.
I think this is at about 2-3 weeks? Who knows, poor thing really only has blurry phone pictures. I'm feeling a little guilty about that now after uploading my pictures tonight. Going to try and be better about that. She is pretty cute though in this blurry phone picture :)
Boston really thinks the horses at Thanksgiving Point are all "bullseye" from Toy Story and yells "Bye Bullseye!" after he rides one.
Correction, there is NOT a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow but this was the prettiest rainbow I've ever seen.

cuddling with his little sis
Boston and Daddy at the BYU game
first grin I caught on camera ( I think this was about 5-6 weeks)

LOL. the only reason I put this picture on here is to point out the lady behind Boston and what she is wearing in August. haha. "Im going to the mall, I'll wear my striped tank top, my khaki shorts and my flip flops, no wait....my black high heel hooker boots, yes I look hot in those)
running through the fountains at Gateway

Looooove her!

Peyton's Blessing

We blessed Peyton last weekend. It was perfectly sweet. Brett did a good job and she looked so cute. My oh so talented friend Jessica MADE her gorgeous dress. Thanks Jess. It fit perfect and I wish she could wear it more than once!

Let the drama begin... Stop taking my picture!! :)