May 22, 2011


I tried to feed Peyton some rice cereal, she is 6 months at this point. She did not appreciate it.

I had the bright idea to pierce Peyton's ears. I thought it would be cute. I made a big deal out of it and then that night when I got her all ready for bed, looked at her and saw a sassy teenager instead of an innocent baby so... I took them out and decided I would keep her a baby for as long as I could.
Boston, like every other kid that lives in Utah wants to be Jimmer.

Whenever we go to the mall, which is rare these days, Boston begs me to go on this little train. I made Jordan ride it with him this time. He was thrilled. haha.
These are Boston's favorite little friends. The triplets. I love them. First snowman we've ever built. When I say we, I mean Boston and Brett. I was warm inside. It was cute watching them work on this together though.