July 29, 2008

In Boise...

We headed up to Boise last week to welcome my brother Kyler home from his mission. It's been fun to have him back around. It's been so good to be able to spend so much time at home too. Brett had to go back to Utah for a little while to work and we miss him :) but he'll be back on Thursday. We have fun stuff coming up this weekend so I'll have pictures later! :)


This post is a little late but I thought I would put these pictures on here anyway since I know my brother Jordan wanted some PROOF that he went on the Skycoaster while we were at Lagoon. We had my brothers staying with us for most of the summer and it was fun having them. We did lots of fun things; Jordan worked hard in the dirt as one of Brett's "crew members", we spent lots of time at the lake and both Brady and Jordan got pretty good on the wakeboard. Lagoon was the one of the last fun things we did before we headed back home to Boise to welcome our other brother Kyler home from his mission.

This is the boys on the Skycoaster as they were being dropped. They are the tiny white dot in the sky. I was standing on the ground all by myself screaming at this point. :)

This is them after... thankfully still alive.

3 sleepy babies

The girls and Jay

July 18, 2008

For our Mommy...

Mom, I posted a couple of videos on the Mac Gallery page for you. One is of Brady wakeboarding his first time. He's gotten a lot better since and is going in and out of the wake now. We'll have to take some more video so you can see. The other one is of Boston rolling over and talking. It's kind of long but I figured if anyone would enjoy watching a long video of the grandson she doesn't see very often it would be you :) We're excited to see you guys in a few days!! Love you!
(it takes a few minutes for the videos to download, not sure why, probably because I am a computer genius and did it wrong or something but whatever, it works) :)

July 15, 2008


One of my girlfriends had this on her blog and It brought back so many memories! I thought it would be fun to do...

Here's how it works:

1. As a comment on my blog, leave a memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember, good or bad but be nice please! ;) (this could be about Brett or I or both)

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog. If you don't want to play on your blog, or if you don't have a blog, I'll leave my memory of you in my comments.Come on all my blog followers... I want to post something about you, let's see this on your blog!!!

July 11, 2008

I love this boy!

I have to say that I love being a mom. I can't think of anything that could be more fulfilling than loving a little child with all your heart. I know parenting is going to have it's challenges, and I can't say that I am prepared for that the slightest bit. But for now nothing makes me happier than to wake up to my little guy and watch him stretch and smile, see him develop and learn new things and see his little personality start to come out. He is starting to "talk" to me a lot and giggle. He loves his bath time and is always really happy when his diaper gets taken off. He is such a good baby, even though he screams every time we are in the car and at naptime :). He is so cute and so sweet, I just love this little guy!!!

Owlz Game

Wednesday night we went to an Orem Owlz game with Brett's family. It was fun, the game was kind of a boring one but I just love the atmosphere of a baseball game. It was Boston's first baseball game and as you can see, he loved it...

July 9, 2008

Rolling over: Cool trick or not?

Last week I had put Boston down for a nap on his tummy and when I came in to check on him he was on his back with his head on the opposite end of the crib. To my knowledge that was the first time he had rolled over. YAY! right? WRONG! At first I thought this was a very cool trick he had just pulled. I have since changed my mind. If there is one thing Boston is adamantly stubborn about it is taking naps. I have to let him scream and scream until he is just too tired to cry anymore and just goes to sleep. He was actually starting to get good at naps just recently and was going to sleep on his belly within like 5 minutes of laying down which was heavenly for me. You should know that he WILL NOT go to sleep on his back. Anyway, ever since the rolling over trick it has been impossible to get him to take a good nap. I lay him down on his belly and within 5 seconds he is on his back and screaming. Needless to say, we have had a few frustrating days of tired baby. :) Today when I layed him down, he screamed for about 45 min and then I found him like this...

This only lasted for about half an hour but I had to smile at the fact that he actually did FINALLY fall asleep and he looked so peaceful and cute.

Yesterday was Boston's first time at Seven Peaks. He did so good! I have a season pass and I don't know what has taken me so long to use it! I think I was worried about how he would do, but he loved it. He even sat in the water with me and let the waves come up to his belly. And then he took a good nap in his stroller. We will be going more often now :) Here's a picture of him in the water. Don't mind me in this...

And some other random pictures from this last week...

July 2, 2008

More boating

Last night we went boating with our friends Paul and Misti and their two little girls Kylee and Aubrey. We decided to go on a whim and I'm so glad we did. The weather and the water were so perfect! We got some really good wakeboarding in. My little brothers are doing sooo good on the wakeboard. I have a video of Brady and he looks like such a little stud, I just need to figure out how to put it on here so his mommy can see. :)
Boston did really good on the boat again. He just hung out and then slept and then hung out some more. What a good boy. I just love him! It was fun to see he and Aubrey together last night. Aubrey is 2 weeks older than he is and I don't think I realized how much he's grown until I saw them together. He is younger than her and bigger! I can't believe how long he is. He's growing so fast!

I have been tagged by Karlee

5 things on my "to-do" list this week:
1. Change diapers
2. Feed my child
3. Get my sister in law a birthday present
4. Go see my friend Jessica's new baby girl
5. Change more diapers

5 snacks i enjoy:
1. Ice cream
2. trail mix
3. dried mangos or any dried fruit
4. fresh fruit
5. anything chocolate

5 things i would do if i suddenly became a billionaire:
1. buy a house
2. travel the world
3. pay off our cars, maybe get new ones
4. go shopping and buy whatever I want and then get a bigger closet :)
5. build a sweet cabin somewhere really cool, maybe at Mammoth in California

5 places i've lived:
1. Boise, Idaho
2. Provo, UT
3. Orem, UT
4. American Fork, UT
5. Lehi, UT

5 jobs i've had:
1. Preschool teacher
2. Server at a restaurant
3. Stylist in a Salon
4. Customer service rep ( that job was not fun)
5. Staffing Specialist in the HR dept at MyFamily.com

I tag Misti, Jessica, Leanne, and Amy