June 24, 2009

On Monday we took Boston to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point for the first time. He really liked it. He's starting to get in to telling me what animals say. Most of them right now say "Roar!" but he is starting to catch on. He can tell me what a dog, elephant, fishy, bear, horse, and dinosaur say, and anything else says "roar". He liked the goats and sheep the most and just wanted to stand by the fence and wait for them to lick his fingers (kind of yucky, these are the things you shut your eyes for for the enjoyment and happiness of your child I guess). He was a little afraid at first to ride the horse but really liked it toward the end and did not want to get off.

waiting for the goats
I was trying to show Boston how a bunny moves it's nose around, this was his interpretation. This is also what a "shishy" does.
What does a fishy say?
Riding the pony

Swimming Lessons

For the last couple of weeks we have been driving down to Orem to the Scera pool for Boston's swimming lessons, aka paying $35 to play in the water and not learn anything. Which is fine, and it's been fun. We signed up to take them with his cousin Sadie who is only one month younger than him and it's been fun to see them play together and they both LOVE the water! Last week we stayed a little longer after lessons were over to play. Brett came and took some pictures of the little water babies.

June 9, 2009

I heart Lake Powell

We spent last week in Lake Powell with some friends. Houseboat, good company, good food, sooo relaxing. I love the feeling of not knowing or caring what time it is.

Some other randoms from the last few weeks...


Memorial Day. Boston was making the cheesiest smiley faces in these pictures. (Sundberg cousins)This one is my favorite. CHEESE!

Halle and Rylee

Where's your belly!?
Not sure if that is dirt or chocolate on his face...
riding Dude