August 9, 2010

"Baby Sister" Peyton Kate Sundberg

She's here! She's here! And the sweetest baby ever! Little Peyton Kate came just when we wanted her to, on Friday, August 6th @ 5:22 pm. All of my family was in town for my cousins wedding last weekend so I was going to try really hard to have Peyton that weekend. What an obedient little girl. :) I went in and had my membranes stripped on Thursday and Friday morning I was in labor. We got to the hospital around 11:30, hung around for about an hour and a half before they told me I wasn't progressing enough and that they were going to send me home. I about died when I heard that. When I was in labor with Boston, as soon as my water broke it took about an hour and a half before he was ready to come. So I was nervous that if I went home I would be having a home birth... yikes. The nurse called my Dr. who told her to admit me (bless his heart) and he would come break my water. So, he came and did that at about 2:30, I got an epidural (sigh) and started pushing about an hour later. I pushed my epidural button right before pushing so I was too numb and had to take a break, only to start pushing again about 45 min later after the epidural had worn off COMPLETELY, so I felt everything and turns out I ended up having somewhat of a natural birth anyway. Ouch. I was so sick and low on oxygen so a little loopy too. Good thing something so good and beautiful comes from all of that!
Peyton weighed 7 lbs even and was 19 inches long. She has been such a sweet baby. From day one, she has almost slept through the night. She wakes up only once usually during the night and sleeps 4 hour stretches. We've hardly heard her cry. She is so tiny and sweet and Boston is in love with her too. Hopefully it will stay that way :)
meeting Mommy
meeting Boston

and Daddy

Great Grandma Brown, so glad she was in town
Great Grandma Clark
Grandma and Grandpa Fisher

Boston loves his baby sister!
First family picture. I was a little too out of it to do one of these in the delivery room ;)
It's not fair how fast time goes. She is already a week and 2 days old. I'm trying to soak it all in!

July Update...

Tried to do a few fun things with Boston before "baby sister" arrived. :)

mowing the lawn with Daddy
Sparklers on the 4th. This was before he grabbed the end of it and got huge blisters on two fingers :(

Lagoon with cousins

White trash carnival "American Fork Steel days". Sadie and Boston looooved this car. I think they thought they were really driving it.

Owlz game

Boating. Wasn't sure how Boston would do on the tube. Thought he might be scared but Noooooo, he kept giving me the thumbs up to go faster and I was the one that was scared.

Another Orem Owlz game. We went on the 24th and Boston loved the fireworks

After the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point