April 15, 2009


April 13, 2009

Happy Easter and a day at the zoo!

Yay! 2 gorgeous days in a row! Not looking forward to the yucky snow that is supposed to come this week. Spring is SUCH an emotional roller coaster!

Easter Morning
Easter Egg hunt at Papa and JoJo's with his cousins
Today we went to the zoo, it was a beautiful day!
Boston LOVED the carousel!!

April 7, 2009

Love this!

Now that Boston is on whole milk and I realized I would be going to the store for milk a lot now instead of formula, we decided to sign up to have it delivered. I know, lazy right? But Winder Dairy does groceries now too and seriously, who wouldn't love real milk with no growth hormones, fresh bread with no preservatives, fresh squeezed OJ, and locally grown organic fruits and veggies delivered right to your door!? I'm all about saving a trip to the grocery store!

April 4, 2009

We are so mean...

Last night in the car...Boston could see Kyler's reflection in the window and must have thought it was a monster? haha

April 3, 2009


that's all

April 2, 2009


My sister in law got the Leap frog magnetic Alphabet game for Boston for his birthday. Our fridge is stainless steel and isn't magnetic so I made him this.... and he loves it :)