January 13, 2011


Family time continued.....

Cutest little boys all in one bed. They were so excited to all sleep in the same bed. I thought for sure I would have to separate them at some point due to not sleeping, but NOPE, they were all out in like 10 minutes.

Peyt- almost 5 months- tried some food. hated it.
Boston is always grabbing my phone and wanting to pose for pictures. He picked this pose. Twins?
Family pictures taken by my friend Leah leahwatkinsphotography.com

Two of the handsomest boys I know!
Boy cousins

We went to the Aquarium A LOT in January. This year I decided I DESPISE winter.
Go Sox! Cutest little Red Sox fan I've ever seen. First time at the Discovery Gateway Museum. Loved it. 5 1/2 Months. Growing so fast! I feel like you can tell what she's going to look like at 16 in this picture. Scary.

Jazz game. Blue cotton candy = a mess. There was also a picture of me like this. WAY too scary to post. I deleted it right away.